“...an intensely human story, intensely told.”

The author Leon Cooper, newly commissioned as one of  the World War II Naval Officers, called “90 Day Wonders”.

90 Day Wonder - Darkness Remembered is a novel, based loosely on co-author Leon Cooper's extraordinary experience as a US Naval officer during World War II and his return to civilian life. It is a riveting tale about the abuse of power, murder, revenge, love and redemption.




Leon Cooper's 90 Day Wonder vividly captures the drama of

what has been called "the greatest generation." The combat

scenes are especially gripping, and Cooper's portrait of his

wretched Commander Boda ranks with Captains Bligh and

Queeg. The book is an intensely human story, intensely told.

       - Bob Thomas, noted Hollywood author and biographer



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90 Day Wonder—Darkness Remembered

—a novel by Leon Cooper & Don Tait

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