90 Day Wonder—Darkness Remembered

—a novel by Leon Cooper & Don Tait

“...an intensely human story, intensely told.”

Leon Cooper

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Leon Cooper is an inventor/entrepreneur who holds a number of patents primarily in the field of fire safety. During WWII he was Boat Group Commander for his ship, leading Higgins Boats carrying assault troops in six invasions of Japanese-held islands, starting with Tarawa and ending with Iwo Jima. These near-death battle experiences are played out as the background for the other conflict -- that between Cooper and the ship's commanding officer.


Leon maintains a web log ("blog") which reflects his current thoughts on matters related to 90 Day Wonder. Please visit it here, and let him know what your reactions are.


Leon also writes a blog whimsically entitled "A Smattering of Ignorance" which records his thoughts and musings regarding important topics of the day. Please visit it here.


Don Tait is a successful screen and television writer. His credits include more than 70 television shows, including Maverick, Bonanza, Mr. Roberts, and 77 Sunset Strip. For a number of years he was the top screen writer for the Disney Studios, where he authored, among other successful features,

The Apple Dumpling Gang, Herbie Goes Bananas, and The Shaggy DA.

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